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We’ll help you find the product that best suits your needs. We’ll analyse the basic parameters and qualities to consider when choosing the pellet stove that's best suited to the room you want to heat.


The main aspects to consider are:

  • The size of the space to heat

  • Ducting and thermo system

  • Shape and size of the stove

  • Hopper capacity

Size of the space to heat

The output of the pellet stove that’s right for you depends on the size of the home or the area of the house that you want to heat. The first aspect to consider is that of the output, and in this sense the CADEL range is divided into three tiers:

  • Low: from 5 to 7 kW

  • Medium: from 7.1 to 9 kW

  • High: > 9,1 kW

Ducting and thermo system

The Cadel Air Plus ductable pellet stove are the ideal tool to heat up several rooms in a cost-effective and convenient way. Thanks to its ducting, you can distribute heat quickly and evenly in other rooms as well.

Cadel thermostoves are an excellent solution for domestic heating systems, since they quickly heat water in the radiators, they are convenient and cost-effective, and combine functionality with a charming design. Some models are available in the H2O version: equipped with a special kit, these pellet thermostoves can produce domestic hot water.

Shape and size of the stove

Pellet stoves are often installed in pre-existing rooms, sometimes mixed in with the furniture that is already there. This means that you need to properly evaluate the rooms before you purchase your heating system and choose the model from the wide range of CADEL pellet stoves that is best suited to your décor, selecting it from units of different shapes and sizes: slim, rectangular and round.

Hopper capacity

The size of the hopper of the pellet stove is also very important. This aspect can be decisive when choosing between two products, because the more pellets that
can be loaded in the hopper, the longer the pellet stove can be operated without having to re-load it.

No matter the stove you choose, you’ll always benefit from cutting-edge features that will further improve the comfort of your home and the overall heating experience, including:

  • Easy Connect Plus: this feature lets you control and set the unit remotely, taking advantage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in addition to adjusting the operation of the product according to your lifestyle and schedule.

  • Comfort mode: essential for energy savings, this mode lets you save electricity and reduce the rotation speed of the fans, adjusting the amount of heat released to your liking. The Comfort Mode function is activated as standard on all pellet stoves. Users can deactivate it only on ductable and hydro stoves. When the Comfort mode is activated, with the stove set to power 1 and fans set to automatic (A), ventilation is off for all motors (both room and ducting ventilation).

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