Pellet inserts

Pellet inserts

  • Nominal power (kW)

  • Heatable surface (m²)

  • Stove type

  • Exhaust fumes

9,3 kW
Pellet inserts – Pellet Air
Zefiro 9 9,3 kW
18 kW
Pellet inserts – Pellet Hydro
Saturno 16 18 kW
24,7 kW
Pellet inserts – Pellet Hydro
Saturno 24 24,7 kW

Pellet inserts are a great alternative to traditional fireplaces, with the added advantage of being controlled remotely and having the programming options that now come standard with modern pellet stoves. The beauty of a hearth, but one that saves energy, provides real warmth and is easy to manage (no more unwieldy piles of wood), means this stove is perfect even for next-gen homes.

All inserts are A+ energy rating certified, have been given 4 stars from Aria Pulita, 7 stars from Flamme Verte, and qualify for Conto Termico financial incentives.