Warm air and water
Why thermo stoves are a great choice

"Thermo stoves", also called "hydro stoves", are products that take full advantage of pellets. Connecting to the water system, they can heat the water that circulates in radiators and/or an under-floor heating system, thereby satisfying the needs of the entire house.

Here we’ll summarise a few of the benefits that come from installing a thermo stove.

1) If the thermo stove is installed in a small room, it may mean that a radiator doesn’t have to be installed, especially if it’s a well-insulated space. The 2-3 kW of
heat that the hydro stove emits are naturally sufficient.

2) Hydro stoves can produce hot water for the bathroom and kitchen taps, but in this case, the best option is to combine them with a buffer tank or a boiler. By so doing, the hot water produced by the pellet stove when it's on is stored within the buffer tank, so that it’s on demand whenever it's needed.

3) Thermo stoves are one of the most efficient ways to use pellets. They can completely replace fossil fuel
boilers, even for hot water production. That's why they are incentivised by great fiscal rebates, including Italy’s 65% tax deduction for energy-saving renovations.

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